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Custom Bots

Bots that can automatically extract data, save it to your desired location, generate insightful reports and dashboards, and handle many other use cases. They can be run on servers or locally. We also offer assistance with hosting bots on servers.
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Get Data

Retrieve data from your desired location in your preferred format or storage destination.
Scraping Tools With Gui

Get Insights

Gain insights from specific data. We will extract the data and provide you with final actionable insights or dashboards.

What Does "Custom Bots" Mean?

Custom bots are made specifically for your unique needs, rather than using pre-built bots available in the market. We design and develop bots that address your specific requirements.

Why Choose Custom Bots?

There are several reasons why you might opt for a custom bot:

  • API Integration: Seamlessly integrate your API to retrieve or send data to the bot.
  • Third-Party Integration: Easily connect with third-party services and platforms.
  • Targeted Solutions: The bot for your specific target website may not be available.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Available bots may not align with your specific requirements.

And many other reasons…

Use of Web Data Bots

Web Data Bots can be employed for various tasks. For example:

  • Periodic Data Scraping: Regularly scrape data and update your database or save it to your desired location.
  • Automated Reporting: Automatically generate reports from web data.
  • Live Dashboards: Create live dashboards from web data.

And many more applications…

What is meant by Get Insights?

“Get insights” means that you will receive insights, reports, or dashboards from the data that we extract as specified by you.

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